Very popular in the online casino is the blackjack, there are different forms that can be played. It is important that when playing blackjack you are also aware of the rules of the game, because you will get a lot further with this game. There are many different tables online where the stakes vary from 50 cents to 5 euros per round, depending on your budget you will have to decide which table to play at. Of course, you can also choose to play free blackjack and receive free credits from the online casino. You can wager these for an unlimited amount of time, in the meantime you can practice playing blackjack and get to know the rules of the game better. Playing live blackjack is also becoming more and more popular, via a live camera connection you will stay informed about everything the dealer is doing at that moment. However, you will experience blackjack a lot, the feeling of being in the real casino.

Game Explanation

In blackjack, you’re supposed to beat the dealer, other players who can sit at the same table don’t have to be beaten by you. You’ll have to start placing your bets, then the game will begin. The dealer will deal cards to you and also place cards for himself. With these cards, you will need to get as close to 21 points as possible, but don’t go over this, because then the game will be over and you will have lost to the dealer. It is also possible to have a blackjack, this is only possible if you score 21 points with the first 2 cards. Your bet will be paid out twice 2,5 times. The Jack, Queen and King are 10 points, if you have an ace in your hands it counts for 1 or 11 points. All other cards count for the number they represent.

Course of blackjack

After knowing the score, it is good to know how the game continues. When you receive the cards, they will be immediately visible to you, if you come pretty close to 21 with these two cards, it’s wise not to take a card and see how many points the dealer has. There is a chance that you will have more points than the dealer, or that the dealer will go over 21 points when taking a new card. If you don’t come close to 21 with your first two cards, then it’s wise to take an extra card. You can also choose to split two cards that are equal to each other, you then play with two hands. However, you will then have to place the bet once more on the table.

Different blackjack games

The rules of the game correspond to the different types of blackjack games, it is not the case that the dealer suddenly has a free choice or that the rules of the game deviate from the original blackjack. When it’s the dealer’s turn he can choose between two options, if he has 16 points or less he is obliged to take an extra card. If he has 17 points or more he will not take any card and there is a chance that you can beat the dealer. With all different types of blackjack, this is an important rule for the dealer that never changes and is always in your favor.

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