Buying scratch cards online has been available for years with great success. Many online casinos make the scratch cards available with prizes ranging from 100,000 to as much as 1 million Euros. The advantage of buying a scratch card online is that there is much more paid out than with a physical lottery ticket that you can get in the store. Because there are less costs for the developers, they can make a bigger prize pool available and spread the money over many more lottery tickets. The scratch cards have become popular and the demand for them is growing every day. Due to the huge demand it is a real challenge for the developer to keep the scratch cards fun and exciting. To meet this challenge, every week more and more new scratch card games are offered online among all the other online casino games. This way, you as a player get more and more choice in which scratch card you would like to buy.

Choose from different scratch cards

If you want to buy scratch cards online you can first look at where this is most attractive for you. For new players, for example, 5 euros of free play money is often offered. This is often accompanied by a welcome bonus, where you will receive a certain amount of extra money in your player account depending on your first deposit. Each provider has different scratch cards. So it is also an option to see which theme of the scratch cards you like. Although scratch cards will be the main subject, you will also come across a lot of combinations with, for example, slots or video slots. A lot of scratch cards have great odds of winning. Most online scratch cards already pay out at 1 of the 3 cards with prices ranging from 10 cents to 20 euros per lottery ticket purchased. The more you bet, the more money you can win if you scratch the winning combination.
Payment methods to deposit money to a scratch card
If you want to buy scratch cards online, you can use various payment options online. To do this, you will always need to create a player account first. After you have registered online, you can start depositing money. In most cases you can use iDeal. This way you can safely transfer money through your own bank and then scratch your bank account. Very often you have the possibility to receive even more bonus money if you choose to pay with iDeal. This way, you can get dozens of euros of free play money, which gives you even more chances to win money.

Play via mobile phone

On the other hand, paying by phone is also a common method. By calling a specific phone number or sending a text message, you can have money deposited into your account in just a few minutes to buy a scratch card. With just one text message you can often already buy a few scratchcards. This of course depends on the price per scratch card. Whichever payment method you choose, to be able to buy scratch cards online, you have plenty of possibilities to make a transaction safely and reliably.